Oriental Rug Cleaning, Area Rug Cleaning and Rug Repairs

Oriental rugs, handmade rugs and high quality machine woven rugs are made from wool silk and cotton. Unless you wish a simple surface cleaning, rugs made from these natural fibers require washing to be made clean. That's what we do. We can be reached at 603-678-8142.

The Difference between Carpet Cleaning and Rug Cleaning


The Carpet and Rug Cleaning video on the left contrasts the two radically different methods of cleaning rugs. And here's the download link to for the PDF mentioned in the video so you can quickly determine the best rug cleaning service for you - even if you don't know much about rugs or what's required to clean the type of rug you own. It's a short list of questions you can use to determine if a rug cleaner is qualified to clean your rug.



We clean rugs by washing them in cold water in a rug cleaning plant. It's a facility designed and equipped solely to clean valued rugs. This means we’re cleaning in a controlled environment where we can:

  • adapt cleaning procedures to match the needs of each rug we’re cleaning,
  • quickly dry the rug when we've finished washing it, and
  • re-wash very dirty and contaminated rugs when necessary.


Oriental Rug Cleaning

As oriental rug cleaners we clean hand knotted rugs, flat weaves and machined loomed rugs with an "oriental" design. Many of the rugs we clean have unstable dyes, many are old and fragile. And although we operate a rug cleaning plant, your best assurance of a superior job is our depth of experience and reputation. You can find more about our oriental rug cleaning services here. This page has rug cleaning reviews from clients.

Rug Repairs

All handmade rugs require repair at some point. The most common types of rug repair we undertake are: tears in the rug, fraying ends, fringes, and sides, and buckling or distortion. Addressing problems now prevents a much larger bill later… or damage that is too expensive to repair.

Pet Odor Removal

Most of the rugs we clean in the plant are contaminated with pet urine from pet accidents. It's such a common problem that we include urine removal, our best effort at urine stain removal, and the pet odor removal associated with it, in our standard pricing. And pad washing and disinfecting is free when we clean your rug. We can also remove pet urine and pet odor from area rugs made of synthetic fibers and from rugs made from carpeting.

Area Rug Cleaning

Our area rug cleaning specialties include needlepoint (embroidered) rugs, tufted rugs, rag rugs, braided rugs, hooked rugs, machine-loomed rugs, flat weaves, sheepskins and flokatis. Each rug type has unique structural characteristic and cleaning considerations, so we alter the standard procedures depending on the needs of the rug. For example, a hand knotted Persian rug with white cotton fringes, an Aubusson style needlepoint rug made in China, a Greek Flokati and a hand hooked rug made in 19th century New England require different cleaning procedures to achieve a similar result.

Rug Pick-Up and Delivery

We include Free Pick-Up and Delivery on many orders. Details here: Upper Valley - Lake Sunapee Region Pickup and Delivery Schedule

Rug Carpet Cleaning

If you value your rug you should be a bit paranoid about who cleans it. Most wall-to-wall carpeting is made primarily of synthetic, non-absorbent fibers: nylon and olefin. The most common, most thorough, method of cleaning wall to wall carpeting is known as hot water extraction. It’s endorsed by carpet manufacturers and often includes the use of highly alkaline chemicals and very hot water. rug after color correctionDamaged oriental rugThis cleaning method can ruin a handmade rug – or any rug that includes wool or silk yarns. Hot water and alkaline chemicals can distort wool fibers and cause the dyes to run or “bleed”. For example, if you were to wash a brightly colored, hand knitted wool sweater with hot water and ammonia (a highly alkaline cleaning agent) it would probably be ruined. The photo on the right shows what can happen when carpet cleaning chemicals and carpet cleaning procedures are used to "clean" an oriental rug. When it came in for cleaning the owner thought the carpet cleaner had ruined it. And it still smelled of urine. The photo on the far right shows the same rug after we washed it and corrected the dye bleed. Please note: we may not be the right company to clean your rug. If any of the following is true, you may want to look elsewhere to have your rug cleaned:

  • You bought your rug from a discount store or mass market outlet or
  • It was cheap or
  • You don’t really care about the rug or
  • You’ve had rugs cleaned by a dry cleaning plant or a carpet cleaner and were satisfied with the results.

But if you do value your rug, feel free to call with your questions or to schedule your rug to be picked up for cleaning. You'll be talking with Katharine or Keith.