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braided rug cleaningAs area rug cleaners, we  clean both the older, handmade braided rugs and the new, manufactured braided rugs.

Braided rugs have a history in the US that goes back to Colonial times. Handmade braided rugs were fashioned from discarded wool and cotton scraps of cloth braided into long flat “ropes”. Wrapped around one another in a circle or oval, the braids are laced together with heavy cotton thread to form a solid floor covering.

We often see braided rugs in the rug cleaning plant that date back to the first half of the 20th century. They can still be found in auction houses and estate sales here in Northern New England.

The good quality braided rugs manufactured today are typically made of wool, a wool  and acrylic blend or cotton chenille.

Because most good braided rugs are made of wool and cotton, a thorough braided rug cleaning requires rug washing .

Over time, the cotton lacings in braided rugs tire from use and age.  The added weight of the water puts additional stress on the tired lacings and the weaker ones can break during the washing process.

We repair the lacings on these handmade braided rugs.

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