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Wool is the most common fiber used in good and high quality rugs because it’s so durable and versatile.

wool rug cleaningWool is used in quality braided rugs, hand knotted rugs, dhurries and all other weft-faced rugs, needlepoint rugs, bordered Wilton rugs, hooked rugs, Karastan® rugs, and most designer rugs. The photo on the right is of a small section of a manufactured flat-weave wool rug.

Because the fiber is very absorbent, thorough wool rug cleaning means removing the soil from inside the fiber as well as removing it from the surface. This means rug washing is required.

During the rug washing process the area rug cleaner has to use cold water and cleaning agents that are safe for wool, then thoroughly rinse the soil and cleaning agents from the rug.

Wool is so absorbent it can hold up to 3 times its weight in water and still feel dry. So the drying procedures used in the rug cleaning plant are a critical part of any rug cleaning business. Quick drying after wool rug cleaning prevents mildew growth and aids in preventing dye bleed.

The wool rug should be free of odor when clean and dry.

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