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needlepoint rug cleaningEmbroidered rugs are commonly referred to as “needlepoints”. Most of the needlepoint rugs that come into the rug cleaning plant to be washed have been embroidered in China.

This Aubusson style rug on the right is a good example. The manner in which they are embroidered creates a trapezoid; a rug that is out of square. To be functional, they must be blocked and sized after they’re made.

Needlepoint rug cleaning requires rug washing because the yarns are natural fibers. After the rug is washed and dried the needlepoint rug will be out of square. Area rug cleaners must be able to block and size the needlepoint rug as part of the cleaning process.

RealClean Rugs also washes Kashmiri, Portuguese and Greek  needlepoint rugs.

If you are thinking of purchasing a needlepoint rug you should be aware it will not withstand heavy traffic over a long period of time.

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