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We stock and custom cut rug padding. Rug padding is recommended for oriental rugs and area rugs for three reasons.

  • The right pad keeps the rug from slipping on a wood or tile floor. Even if you’re sure footed, an elderly guest or child may not be.
  • The cushioning effect of the pad can reduce wear in heavily trafficked areas.
  • It feels good when you walk on it.

Rug pad that is long lasting, durable and recommended for in-floor heating

Premium Pad 1The pad on the right is real rubber, durable, and grips small rugs very well. This is the pad the manufacturer recommends for floors with in-floor heating.  The mesh-like configuration allows the heat to pass through the pad and into the rug and room. Real rubber means it will last much longer than the synthetic variety of rug pad that looks similar.


Rug pad that works on a wood or tile floor – and on wall-to-wall carpeting

Premium Pad 2The pad on the right is thicker; one side is rubber, the other is fibrous. When used to hold a large rug on top of wall-to-wall carpeting, the fibrous side goes down and grips the carpeting; the rubber side faces up and grips the rug. On a wood or tiled floor, the rubber side goes down to grip the floor; the fibrous side goes up and grips the rug.

Both rug pads can be washed. Our washing process kills the odor causing bacteria that result from pet accidents. (We wash pads at no charge when we clean the rug.) We also have a rug pad with a thin profile – like a thick sheet of rubber – that will grip the rug but not provide cushioning.

Another rug pad we have available is similar to double sided sticky tape. It’s used to keep a rug in place on top of wall-to-wall carpeting when the thick pad is inappropriate. When we custom cut the pad, we allow enough room for the rug to lap over onto the floor. For more information call us at 603-678-8142.

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