We specialize in cleaning oriental rugs, handmade and wool rugs

Because they’re made primarily of wool and cotton, these rugs that require special skills, knowledge and expertise to get them clean… without ruining them.

Natural fibers like wool, cotton and silk are absorbent. Spills, pet accidents and general soil end up inside the fiber. And the dyes used in some rugs can easily “bleed” as a result of exposure to pet accidents and the chemicals frequently used in carpet cleaning.
The average carpet cleaning can leave good rugs dirty or smelly – or even damage them. That’s because the equipment and chemistry used in carpet cleaning is designed for cleaning the synthetic fibers common in wall to wall carpeting.

So we wash rugs to get them clean… for the same reason you wash clothes. Take 5 minutes to watch the video and you’ll understand the difference between carpet cleaning and rug washing.

Rug washing is a time consuming and labor intensive process. So it’s not for inexpensive rugs from a big box store.

But if you value your rug here are a few reasons you should consider having us clean them.

We remove pet odor from pet accidents and treat the stains

Most of our clients have pets. Cats and dogs love wool but have accidents. And because wool is so absorbent you may not notice it until Buster has made an accident into a habit. We remove pet odor and pet stains every day. So we offer an unconditional guarantee with our RealClean Service™. If we can’t remove pet odor from a rug that we can properly wash, the cleaning is free. We can’t guarantee stain removal because there are too many variables. But we can usually improve the discoloration.


We clean hand woven, handmade and machine loomed wool rugs every day. If the rugs have unstable dyes we take extra care to control dye “bleed” during the washing and drying process. The cleaning agents we use are safe for natural dyes. When we’re cleaning old or fragile rugs we exercise extra caution and secure frayed sides and ends before they go through the cleaning process.

We know our clients want their rugs to look clean as possible. So our RealClean Service™ includes our best, professional efforts at spot and stain removal.

Rug Cleaning is all we do

Because we’re focused solely on rug cleaning  we’re experienced in cleaning a wide variety of rugs from all over the world. A typical week might include cleaning old Persian rugs, newer Tibetan rugs, a Greek Flokati, American hooked and braided rugs, a tribal flat weave from Afghanistan, a Chinese needlepoint and a machine woven “designer” rug.

They’re made in different ways, using different yarns and different dyes. So we tailor the cleaning methods and procedures to suit the needs of the rug.

Pick Up and Return

If your order is $250 or more, and you live within a 25 mile radius of Lebanon, the pick up and return is included.

Client Reviews

These reviews are from clients in the Upper Valley-Lake Sunapee region. Clients receives a request for feedback after we’ve finished the job. Some choose to add a review. Hope we can add yours.

If you have a rug you value and you want it to be thoroughly and safely cleaned by experts,call or contact us today.

You’ll be talking with Katharine or Keith. We’ll do our best to give you straightforward answers to your questions.

Some rugs can’t be safely washed. If that’s the case, we’ll tell you. And if you’re wondering if your rug is worth cleaning, we can give you our opinion on that as well.

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