red wine on wool rugThis is the second video in a two part series demonstrating how to remove red wine from a wool rug to prevent a stain. In this video the wine is still wet. I demonstrated how to remove most of the red wine spill in the first video. The procedures demonstrated in this video may also work to remove a dried red wine stain.You may download the step by step PDF checklist at the link below the video.

It may take you a long time if the stain is large and a lot of wine penetrated the yarns.

A note of caution: most spotters sold in the grocery store, hardware stores or with DIY carpet cleaning machines are for wall to wall carpeting made with a synthetic pile. They are often too chemically harsh for wool and the dyes used on wool. If you used one of those spotters in an attempt to remove the stain, using water – as demonstrated in this video – may activate the chemicals in the spotter and further damage the wool … or cause the dyes in the rug to “bleed”.

Checklist to Remove Red Wine Spill from a the Surface of a Wool Rug