Winter Discounts* end March 31st

  • rug washing video

    rug cleaning video

    10% off rugs we pick up and deliver.**

  • 20% off handmade rugs you bring in and pick up at our Lebanon plant.
  • 30% off handmade rugs if we’ve cleaned them within the last 24 months. (We have a picture of every rug we clean.) Why such a big discount? The RealClean Guarantee is a clean rug – not just a rug that’s been “cleaned”. It takes us a lot less time to clean a rug we’ve cleaned in the last 24 months, than a rug that hasn’t been cleaned for 5, 10 or 20 years.

 Click here to print a paper reminder so you don’t miss the deadline.

*Discounts are off our standard cleaning charges for handmade rugs and rugs made of natural fibers, and are valid only when invoice is paid within ten (10) days.
** Pick-Up and Delivery are FREE on our Standard Pick-Up and Delivery days,for orders over $250 and  that are located within a 25 mile radius of the Lebanon plant.

A personal note…

I dislike coupons and discounts. When I see a discount or coupon I assume the company is overcharging in the first place – in order to be able to discount. We’re not overcharging for the service we deliver. (See my explanation for the reason behind the 30% discount.) But winter is our slow season. “Gotta get this rug cleaned!” is not at the top of very many to-do lists.

But I still have to meet payroll, and pay the regular monthly bills like rent, insurance, utilities etc. , plus the extra winter bills like heat and snowplowing. So the only reason for offering you a discount this winter is to insure I pay the bills and meet payroll.

In short, this is your only opportunity to get the identical quality and service we offer year around – but at a discount. The winter promotion and associated discounts will end March 31, 2014.